All kids have their individual way to learn, develop and evolve at their own pace. Reading is one such way of building one’s own skill. Children usually face challenges while reading at some or the other point but if this Learning to read becomes his ongoing trouble; a struggle which he faces on daily basis it would lead a child to lag behind. This is what is termed as DYSLEXIA. Layman usually have a great misconception that if a child is not able to read out they think as if the child needs to concentrate more on reading, the child needs to try out harder but this is not the case, they need to understand that it’s the brain’s inability to process the phenome (sounds) so this leads us to give the child some sort of assistance and care.

Let us have a glimpse of what actually Dyslexia is:

It is a learning disorder characterised by difficulty in reading. It is not  a reflexion of child’s intelligence but is A gap between Child’s ability and achievement. It affects the child’s ability to recognize and manipulate the sounds in language. They have a hard time decoding the words by which they can sound them out. Usually noticed in the schools. Dyslexic children usually have high risks of getting ADHD and Developmental language disorder.

Symptoms of a Dyslexic child :

  • Difficulty in sounding out new words.
  • Lacks fluency compared to other children.
  • Stumbles and have difficulty in spelling out even common words.
  • Reverse letters and numbers while reading.
  • Struggle while rhyming.
  • Finds Difficulty to appear for Oral exams.
  • Great difficulty in decoding the words.

So, Dyslexia is a disorder that can be easily diagnosed by keen observation and proper management can help a person to recover completely.

I recall a case where a male child of age 9.5 yrs named Jash diagnosed as ADHD and LD presented with the complains of lack of concentration, misreading of words ( read A as O, B as D ; also there is reversal of reading words like Saw as Was ), cannot read by himself, unable to recall only study oriented otherwise has a good memory for various other things , unable to interact with people easily, restless both mentally and physically with disturbed sleep, lacks interest, doesn’t want to write, fear darkness, when with friends he thinks as if they are bullying him and are making fool of him so then he avoids playing with them. By having a look over the whole case he was given an appropriate Homoeopathic medicine that was peculiar to himself and marked improvement was seen within 6 months period. He is now able to read words correctly, his concentration level has markedly improved, recalls things very well, has developed interest in learning new things, speaks complete sentences with good pronounciation and his restless has markedly decreased, now sits at a place.

I would hence like conclude this by saying that knowing the inner basic nature of each child and providing them with appropriate homoeopathic medicines we can help them to enlighten their future.