Exam phobia is a psychological condition in which people experience extreme stress, anxiety, discomfort & irrational fear during or before examination. A little nervousness or tension is healthy for us that it can help us perform best. But when this tension or stress becomes so excessive that it actually hampers our performance then it is called exam phobia/test anxiety.

Possessing timidity can lead people to become depressed to fall short of their potential or to tolerate abusive situations & relationships. Factors contributing to testophobia are unrealistic expectation of parents & teachers, excessive pressure & fear, inadequate study, OCD, poor motivation & sleep disturbance. In such condition of lack of confidence person may get frustrated, depressed, angry, disappointed without hope & feels helpless. Behavioral symptoms like fear of failure, inadequacy feeling, random thoughts, negative self talk, suicidal ideation, difficulty in concentration, etc may appear. In small children, psychosomatic disorders like stomachache, headache, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweat, dyspnoea, fainting, trembling, vomiting, frequent urination can also be seen.

Timidity may be since birth or after some incidence. Generally, layman takes it as normal behavior & accept this tendency of child as his basic nature. But looking psychologically, it is some deficit in child’s own constitution(build up).

In Homoeopathy, by understanding this basic trait of child we choose medicine that can overcome that behavioral deficit which leads to help him cope up in his difficult situations. For instance, child needing Calcarea carb have fear that if my grades decrease what will teachers think about me, my friends will criticize me, my failure will be observed by others & so on. Baryta carb medicine can be given in students that have difficulty in understanding, slow learning, fear of being laughed at him, feeling as if he is unable to do the task. Child having fear of public speaking with need of encouragement can overcome his timidity by medicine like Lycopodium. Some child gets diarrhea, urination before performance with nervous anxiety. They may get blank during the act. Such child may helped by gelsimium.

13 year male child came to me with hesitancy in speech; only when someone speaks loudly. He can’t remember in exam even he had studied that particular topic. He get breathlessness when exerted. Mentally he was coward. Exam funk also reflects in his sleep as delirium.

By choosing appropriate homoeopathic medicine, his timid nature improved a lot. He can now give exam confidently. Stage fear had gone. His general social confidence had also improved a lot. In such kind of cases of lack of confidence we can surely help with well selected homoeopathic remedy.

Homoeopathic system is a science which deals with the individualistic approach, believing in holistic understanding of human being for treating his any disease condition. Homoeopathy is based on law where it is termed that the organ affected with pathology is due to disturbance in person’s nature as a whole. So, vice versa nature’s disturbance at mind level like timidity, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, jealousy, etc. is also a part of individualization and appropriate remedy naturally helps to overcome.